The importance of fighting against the effects of global warming is becoming more apparent – this is all made easier with recent technology innovations.

The circular economy improves the efficiency of production processes; it also aims to reuse the elements that are otherwise known as waste. View: Our research process.

The overall goal of this sustainable development regime is to result in goods and services that reduce raw materials, waste and the use of water and energy.

3 Examples of Environmental Technology

As there are such a range of environmental technologies, we have decided to list our favourite three, as well as giving reasons why.

Saving Your Homes Energy

This one is much simpler than the others listed below, but it certainly counts as an environmental technology as it performs with exceptional energy efficiency.

Eco Rooflights, provided by EOS allows your home to become filled with magnificent amounts of natural light, without comprising on heat escaping from the property.

They are created with laminated glass that are designed to make your home secure. Read more on: Eight east ways to keep your home warm this winter.

Printing Buildings

This 3D printer is unlike any other as it uses a solid rock to create entire buildings. This machine uses layers of sand, and the maker, Enrico Dini reports that it’s four times faster compared to your average style of building process.

It costs one-third of the price from other conventional cement and it produces less waste than ever before.

Environmentally friendly cleaning

Many companies consider the effects on the environment when making products and completing a service. For example, Smart Clean Services have taken a green approach to commercial cleaning by adapting methods that are environmentally friendly and safe. Read about them.

As well as this helping the environment, it means premises are safe from damaging detergents and an atmosphere full of chemicals, meaning employees are protected from breathing in harmful air.

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